Spinning Babies workshop

      Highlights of the workshop:​

  • The Trainer : Tammy Ryan ​is one of the seven trainers world wide for Sppining Babies. She is also a trainer for DONA International, a childbirth educator and a midwifery assistant.

  • Belly Mapping : Its a fun thing to learn and teach! You could incorporate it in the prenatal visits, class etc..​​

  • Affordable :  The cost includes both the Labor progress through Fetal positioning and Belly Mapping!  Sign up for any other training and save more!! Also write to us for group discountsaffordable  accommodations!


The format and content are designed by Spinning Babies.

The hospital will only provide the venue.

                          Only 2 spots left.

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  • Book any other training and get a discount.

  • Discounts for group registrations- write to us.

  • Write in for affordable accommodation .


  • Spinning babies is an approach to ease labor pain and promote smooth birthing of baby through optimal fetal positioning and maternal physiology. The workshop also includes belly mapping!

  • Mother's job is to dilate and the baby's job is to rotate.

  • The approach is to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mothers and baby for the easing of childbirth.

  • Belly Mapping is a three-step process for identifying baby’s position in the final months of pregnancy.


  February 10th and 11th, 2018

  Stork Home, Hyderabad