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What are the benefits to register for the course through Birth School India?

  • Save 30% on the original installments price, as offered on the breastfeeding outlook website.
  • Easy Instalment plan.
  • Opportunity for live webinar, available only with registration through Birth School India
  • Be part of a closed Facebook group to get support as we all prepare for the IBCLC exam.
  • The course fee reduces as the group gets bigger, so spread the word!
  • Guidance and support about the pathways.
  • Guidance to participants without a background in healthcare, to complete their requirements.

How to make the payments for the course fees?

Pay Rs.12,000 to register. Deadline to register - 10th April. The balance to be paid in three installments. The three pre-dated cheques for the installments to be sent by 10th April.

How do I sign up?

Please RSVP here and we shall send all the details

Faculty of the course

Taught by internationally-recognized author and breastfeeding expert, Marie Biancuzzo, this course will help you to:

  • tackle topics that you might not have even realized are on the IBLCE exam.
  • learn at your own pace with videos and on-the-go audiocasts.
  • acquire a blend of evidence-based academic knowledge and real-life clinical skills.
  • enjoy your learning experience—Marie has a unique way of breaking down complex topics into easy-to-learn concepts that will help you to pass the exam now, and practice as an IBCLC for a lifetime!

About the course

This course is specially designed for individuals who need to earn all 90 hours of lactation-specific education for IBLCE exam eligibility.

  • Over 80 assignments, organized by discipline.
  • Learning material provided in the form of webcasts, audio casts, PDF documents, and links to videos and articles on the web.
  • Over 320 test questions to assess your knowledge.
  • Written response sheets to provide written responses for a handful of assignments.
  • Marie’s popular exam prep book, Test-Taking Strategies.
  • Access to trained staff at Breastfeeding Outlook whenever you have questions.

Format of the course

The 90 hours of lactation education is divided into 4 units. Self study of each unit is to be done each month. At the end of the month, a live webinar with Marie Biancuzzo will be held to review and answer any questions.

A closed Facebook group will be made with all participants to help support and learn from each other.

How long could I access the online material?

Though each unit will be reviewed in a month, you will have access to the material later and 12 months to complete each unit.

Is it mandatory to complete all 90 hours?

Yes, only on purchase and completion of the entire 90 hours, the credits and certificate of completion will be awarded. Partial credits will not be given.

What is the Certified Clinical Lactationist credential?

Click Here for all the details

Becoming a Lactation Consultant: Six Steps

Read all the Steps towards IBCLC at Marie's Website. View her videos Below:

Step 1: Gain Clarity About Your Journey